The Impact of the Midterm Election on Energy Policy

As a result of the recent Midterm Election, the probability of the adoption of a broad, national energy policy during the next two years is unlikely. Without action on the national front to enact energy policy, state and agency activism is expected to start taking a more prominent role in shaping our energy future. This webinar focuses on the rise of state action in the face of Congressional inactivity, the key prospects for state activism and how businesses can navigate this new energy era.


Specifically, this webinar will cover:

  • à‚ A broad review of the recent elections across the county, what is projected to change as a result, and who the key players for Congressional action will be.
  • The upcoming EPA regulations and what it means for coal, natural gas and renewable energy materials
  • The recently passed cap & trade regulation in New Mexico and what it means for businesses across the country
  • California Proposition AB32 ” what its defeat means for California and national greenhouse gas emissions regulation.

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