All webcasts and webinars concerning the latest news, project announcements, reports, policy and legislation relating to electricity generation across global power and energy sectors, focusing on renewable energy news, fossil fuel, natural gas, hydrogen, clean energy, nuclear power and energy storage. This news will include digitalisation projects and smart grid developments in the power generation space.

The Truth Behind Grid-Parity: 8 Things You Should Know

This presentation will explore these critical factors and debunk myths about grid-parity for a better understanding of what is on the solar horizon.

The Impact of the Midterm Election on Energy Policy

This webinar focuses on the rise of state action in the face of Congressional inactivity, the key prospects for state activism and how businesses can navigate this new energy era.

The Design of Modular Power Distribution Centers

This webinar will detail the design process of modular power distribution centers.

New Bolting Methods to Increase Safety and Productivity

HYTORC we will discuss safety techniques that can be applied to all brands of bolting tools.

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