All webcasts and webinars concerning the latest news, project announcements, reports, policy and legislation relating to electricity generation across global power and energy sectors, focusing on renewable energy news, fossil fuel, natural gas, hydrogen, clean energy, nuclear power and energy storage. This news will include digitalisation projects and smart grid developments in the power generation space.

Recorded webinar series – COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management

Access this live virtual series where we bring you the best insights from key utilities around the world who have dealt with or are dealing with the challenge of keeping services operational in an age of social distancing and isolation.

Webcast Recording: The evolving role of gas engines

This webinar will highlight the many innovative ways in which gas engines are being deployed, how their technology has evolved, and what fuels they may be running on in the near future.

Webcast Recording: Getting to grips with smart grid communications

The smart grid – an electric network capable of two way electricity and data flows that can detect, react to changes...

Webcast Recording: Managing volatility in decarbonising markets with AI

LISTEN HERE The drive for decarbonisation is bringing dramatic changes to regional and global energy generation, distribution, and...

Webcast 24 March: Open discussion on the status of Africa’s power...

Africa can take pride in being home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, the continent remains significantly energy-poor

Webcast Recording: Cybersecurity for utilities, 2020 and beyond

Get definitive answers about how big the threat is and where you need to focus your attention.

Webcast Recording: Energy opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa

LISTEN HERE Overview Join the US Commercial Service South Africa, Power Africa, and Clarion Events for a one-hour webinar highlighting African energy opportunities for US firms...
Rolls-Royce MTU Microgrid Validation Center

Webcast Recording: The role of Microgrids in our rapidly changing energy...

Megatrends such as decarbonisation, globalisation and electrification are driving a growing need for more flexible, cost-effective and greener energy solutions. In this...
ABB webinar recording

Webcast Recording: Deploying synchronous condensers to boost grid quality and resilience

Synchronous condensers with their rotating inertia can help to maintain grid quality and fault support.

Navigating Through the Challenges of Implementing Successful On-site Generation Solutions in...

There are many benefits to distributed generation, but the complexities of the marketplace are making the implementation and optimization of these projects more challenging than ever.  This webcast will consider the ways these challenges are changing equipment, solutions and customers and the synergies associated with thinking holistically when implementing an on-site generation solution.

Please join us for this event sponsored by Siemens.

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