Navigating the Power Transition

You are invited to join delegates at POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe for a special webcast of the joint plenary panel discussion at the Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany June 4, 2014  at 1400 ” 1530 CEST (Germany).

This year’s panel topic develops the overall joint theme of the events, “Navigating the Power Transition”. The panel will take as its starting point the fact that the energy mix in Europe has changed significantly and is fully expected to edge increasingly towards renewables.

The panel will be asked to expound their views on how the industry should adapt, what national and European governments can do to smooth the transition, what technologies will be needed to cope with the change and what shape the industry will take as a result of the re-alignments taking place.  Is the transition creating a crisis in the industry that will see some incumbents fail or an opportunity for a re-positioning that will produce new business opportunities?

Mr. Karel Beckman, Editor-in-Chief, Energy Post, UK will draw out the panelists’ views on:

  • The implications of Germany’s Energiewende at home and across wider Europe
  • How both power producers and equipment suppliers will have to adapt to the growth of renewable generation
  • What technologies are best suited to deal with a pattern of more volatile and variable power generation
  • The role the capacity markets, Emissions Trading and CCS
  • European level policy and regulation verses national interests
  • What lessons can be learned from how other parts of the world e.g. USA are adapting their electricity sectors
  • How Europe’s power sector can reverse the trends and stimulate new investment
Moderator:à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ 
à‚  à‚  Panelists:à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ 
à‚  à‚ 
à‚  à‚  Karel Beckman
Energy Post, UK
à‚  à‚  Prof. Emmanouil Kakaras
European Power Plant Suppliers Association (EPPSA),à‚ Belgium
à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚ 
à‚  à‚  Mr. Helmut Moshammer
Director of Product Development
Doosan Lentjes, Germany
à‚  à‚  Jim Lightfoot
Chief Operating Officer
Gas-CCGT,E.ON Generation GmbH, Germany
à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚ 
à‚  à‚  John Easton
Vice President of International Program
Edison Electric Institute (EEI), United States
à‚  à‚  Jonas Rooze
Associate, European Power
Bloomberg New Energy Finance, UK
à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚  à‚ 
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