Liberalisation and Decarbonisation: Roadmap or Roadblock?

The European Commission, supported by Eurelectric, is pursuing twin goals of a free power market across the EU and eliminating carbon emissions from the sector, including a significant switch to renewable energy. Our high level panel will assess how compatible these goals are with the policies of individual member states, with creating signals for investment and maintaining a globally competitive Europe. Moderator, Stephen Sackur, will not permit any ‘fence sitting’ in probing the panel’s frank views on a variety of subjects, including the wisdom of current policies in ensuring aging plant and infrastructure is replaced, smart technology is rolled-out and utilities remain solvent.

Stephen Sackur returns once again to moderate our Plenary Panel discussion having led the debate at our last three POWER-GEN Europe Plenary sessions. A popular performer, Stephen demonstrates a firm grasp of the key issues and a willingness to press our panellists for straight answers. Stephen Sackur is identified around the world as the presenter of HARDtalk, the flagship current affairs interview programme aired on BBC World and the BBC News Channel. In 2012, Stephen’s interviewees have included dictators, democratic reformers and drug traffickers, plus in the field of energy, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol.


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