Europe’s march towards a decarbonized electricity sector is providing its biggest ever challenge. The direction of travel is unwavering and consequently, many businesses, utilities and suppliers are having to drastically rethink their strategy in order to keep pace or even survive the journey. The result has been on ongoing programme of radical reforms among Europe’s power producers, an emerging role for municipal and distributed generation and an opportunity for new market entrants to position themselves within the interconnected energy cloud of the future.

Our panel represent companies who are faced with both the challenge and opportunity of this change, particularly in Italy, They can share their experiences, both good and bad and outline their strategies for successfully meeting customers’ needs for clean, reliable and affordable power. We will learn how technology is adapting to and leading the transition, what impact European and national energy policy is having, how energy businesses are transforming and what new business opportunities are emerging in Europe’s power sector.

This extended and frank panel debate promises to be a highlight of this year’s POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe and will set the tone for discussions throughout the three days of the event.