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Up to 3500MW of wind and solar eligible for Ireland’s RESS-2 auction

Approximately 1900MW (1800GWh) of solar and 1600MW (4800GWh) of wind energy is eligible to bid for the 3500GWh pot - Cornwall Insight.
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Why the focus on floating wind may stunt offshore growth in Asia Pacific

Deep sea turbine substructures are poised to revolutionise the offshore wind sector, according to Ian Hatton, Chairman, Enterprize Energy.

EDP expands footprint in UK renewables market with à‚£71m deal

EDP Renewable Energy has closed a transaction that would enable the company to expand its footprint within the UK renewable energy market.

What motivates renewable energy investors?

As nations realise the inevitable task of shifting their energy demands away from traditional fuels, the risk-reward profiles for renewables become increasingly enticing.

El Salvador’s first wind project reaches commercial operation

El Salvador's first wind farm, the 54MW Ventus Wind Project has been successfully commissioned by Guatemalan power developer Tracia Network Corporation.
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PEI Connect: Raptors at risk due to wind turbine collisions

A new study by the USGS and Oklahoma State University focuses on how best to protect bird species from the impact of the growing wind industry.

Are renewables really sustainable?

As the world races towards energy transition, we take a look at some of the key renewable technologies and the impact they have on the environment.
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Ramboll boosts Asian offshore wind portfolio with five new contracts

Ramboll is gaining momentum in the Asian offshore wind market by securing five new contracts and opening a new office in Tokyo.

Report reveals the financial implications of a future powered by wind

Thirty years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that offshore wind could power every home in the UK. Today, that target is one of the key pillars of the UK government's climate change policy.

Fugro launches real-time monitoring tracker for floating wind

A Fugro-led consortium has designed a mooring line fatigue tracker that monitors offshore floating wind turbines.