Wartsila wins 240 MW Indonesia gas engine deal

The national utility of Indonesia, PT PLN, has appointed a consortium between PT WIKA and TSK Electronica Y Electricidad to deliver a peaking power plant in North Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Wartsila wins first gas plant deal in China

Finland’s Wartsila is to supply its first ever gas-fired power plant to China.

Wartsila wins 150 MW Bangladesh plant deal

Finnish energy company Wartsila is to supply a 150 MW power plant in Bangladesh.  

Wartsila in $10m deal for Brazil gas plant

Wärtsilä has won a $10m contract to supply a 28 MW natural gas power plant to an oil and gas company in Brazil.

Wärtsilä in deal for Indonesia multi-fuel plant

Wärtsilä is to supply a 23 MW multi-fuel power plant to an industrial and port project in Indonesia.

Wartsila wins $165m Argentina deal for five dual-fuel plants

Wärtsilä has been awarded five power plant projects worth a total of €150m ($165m) in Argentina.

Wartsila wins $127m dual-fuel engine deal in Saudi Arabia

Wärtsilä is to supply a 161 MW combined-cycle power plant to Yamama Cement Company in Saudi Arabia.

New Senegal plant runs on heavy fuel oil Wartsila engines

A 53 MW power plant has been inaugurated in the west African country of Senegal.

Wartsila wins deal for Mauritius power plant

Wärtsilä is to supply four heavy fuel oil engines for a 67 MW power plant in Mauritius.

Gas engine optimization: Flexibility to the fore

With a grid that is becoming increasingly dominated by intermittent renewables, gas engines are now being called upon to offer flexibility and reliability in the brave new world of distributed generation.

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