Areva signs fuel deal for EDF French nuclear fleet

Areva has signed a deal to provide fuel for EDF’s fleet of French nuclear reactors until 2021.

Toshiba involvement in new technology for nuclear power

Toshiba, in conjunction with Ibiden, have produced a new manufacturing technology for reactor core applications in nuclear power plants.

GE chief says new high efficiency kit ideal future fit for...

John Lammas, GE Vice President Thermal Engineering says that high-efficiency 9HA gas turbine technology should prove to be an appropriate solution for Europe, once market design takes into account the need for more secure, flexible gas-fired power to combat the volatility of renewables.

Toshiba take another step towards $10bn nuclear plant in UK

A state visit by the Japanese Prime Minister has prompted a development in the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Sellafield in England.

UN advocates tripling of renewables and nuclear energy

A report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned that the world needs to drastically change its energy policy in order to avoid dangerous levels of global warming.

$15bn Czech nuclear power project cancelled

The president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, has called for a $15bn tender designated for the expansion of the country’s Temelin nuclear power project to be replaced with a new contest with more bidders.

Japan takes first steps in geothermal resurgence

A new geothermal power plant on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu is expected to mark the beginning of a revolution for geothermal technology in the country.

Toshiba deal further nuclear boost for UK

The news that Toshiba has successfully bought into NuGen, the nuclear newbuild company planning a reactor in northwest England, is further proof that the UK is the most promising nuclear destination in Europe.

Toshiba signs up to majority stake in UK NuGen

Toshiba is to acquire a 60 per cent stake in the NuGeneration Limited's (NuGen) Moorside project in West Cumbria, northwest England.

Toshiba to supply major geothermal power plant

Japan’s Toshiba has won an order from Zorlu Holdings to supply the Alasehir geothermal power plant in western Turkey, the first time the company has won an order in the country.

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