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PEI Connect: Tackling climate change with space tech

The UK Space Agency will collaborate with the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs on a new review of existing activity on climate action through the use of space technologies.

China looks to space for solar power

The prospect of solar power projected from space has moved closer with the reported construction of the Bishan space solar energy station.

California university to test space-based solar power project

A research project at the California Institute of Technology is preparing to test technology capable of generating solar power in space for use on Earth.

Astronauts complete solar upgrade at International Space Station

Astronauts have completed the deployment of a new ISS Roll-Out Solar Array on the far end of the left side of the International Space Station's backbone truss structure.

Powering a Moon village

With interest growing in a return of humans to the moon, says Jonathan Spencer Jones, attention is turning to the possibility of establishing a long-term presence there and the form that such a settlement might take.

PEI Connect: Learning powered by the sun

Pei Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (19 - 26 Feb), and first up, we focus on a good news story out of Madagascar, combining solar power, circular economy and digital learning.

PEI Connect: Keeping our energy future afloat

Pei Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (21-28 January), and first up we take a look at developments in the burgeoning world of floating wind energy.

Researchers explore harvesting energy from black holes

New research identifies a mechanism and conditions for harvesting the free energy stored in spinning black holes.

Rolls-Royce & UK Space Agency launch study into nuclear power for space

Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with the UK Space Agency for a study into future nuclear power options for space exploration.
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US DoE publishes its ‘Energy for Space’ strategy

The strategy comprises measures the DoE plans to implement to further its role in powering the next generation of space exploration.