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Europe gives priority to reducing power plant NOx and SOx emissions

Cleaning up the environment is a major reason that Europe`s electric generating companies are installing scrubbers, low-NOx burners and AFBC

1st combined-cycle plant planned for Kazakhstan

A Turkish-German consortium under the leadership of the Power Generation Group of Siemens AG is to build Kazakhstan`s first combined-cycle power plant in the Aktyubinsk region in the western part of the country. The state-owned utility, Kazakhstanenergo, Almaty, will purchase the 954-MW plant.

Siemens new gas turbines use jet plane engine technology to reduce life-cycle operating costs

The Power Generation Group of Siemens is developing an efficient 165-MW-class V84.3A heavy-duty combustion turbine that combines Siemens design experience with the aeroengine technology of Pratt & Whitney. Siemens plans to introduce a family of these advanced machines over the next few months.

Europe moving toward an open market

POWER-GEN Europe highlighted both the potential growth in a deregulated European power industry and the possibility of conflict with environmental objectives

Modernizing steam turbine components

Upgrading an aging turbine`s performance with new steam path components can improve plant efficiency and output

IGTI conference concentrates on helping the gas turbine user

Everyone seems to be concerned with "the customer" these days, and those at the 39th ASME International Gas Turbine & Aeroengine Congress/Users Symposium & Exposition (Turbo Expo `94) were no exception. In fact, the theme of the June Turbo Expo was "Maintain the Edge for the User."

Siemens awarded contract to supply 15 gas turbines for Taiwan Power Co.

Siemens Power Corp. is working to fill a new contract for 15 gas turbines and other power generation equipment for what will become Taiwan`s largest combined-cycle power plant. The Taiwan Power Co. facility will be capable of producing 2,364 MW of electricity. Siemens values its contract at more than (US)$500 million. At least eight of the 15 gas turbines will be manufactured, assembled and shipped to Taiwan from Siemens worldwide manufacturing headquarters for 60-Hz cycle power generation equip


Siemens AG has received a contract from National Power of Britain to build a 1,350-MW combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station at Didcot in Oxforshire, England. With a thermal efficency of approximately 56 percent, this will be the largest and most efficient plant in National Power`s portfolio.

Nuclear notes

Siemens` Power Generation Group is participating in a joint venture with eight companies of the Russian Ministry of Nuclear Energy for nuclear power plant instrumentation and control. The new company, A.O. Nuclearcontrol, will focus on engineering and marketing high-performance I&C systems, based on Siemens technology. The Nuclear Division of Siemens Power Corp. has received an operating license for a uranium conversion process facility at its nuclear fuel manufacturing plant in Lingen, Germany.