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Siemens supplying turbines to Belgium

The Power Generation Group of Siemens will supply two 150-MW-class V94.2 gas turbines to the Brugge-Herdersbrug combined-cycle plant in Belgium. Siemens secured the contract, valued at more than (US)$54 million, from Belgian utilities Electrabel and Societe Cooperative de Production d`Electricity. The two Siemens turbines, combined with another 160-MW steam turbine, will provide Brugge-Herdersbrug with 460 MW of power. Start-up of the gas turbines is scheduled for early 1997, with combined-cycle

Renewables: viable option for a bright future

The cost of power produced by renewable energy sources is falling, making them an option that may be viable in a much wider range of future applications

Siemens leads Rizhao coal plant consortium

Siemens recently announced that it will lead an international consortium in the construction, operation and transfer of a (US)$600 million, 700-MW coal-fired plant in Rizhao, Shandong Province, China. Siemens is also the turnkey supplier for the 250-MW, coal-fired Yangshupu power plant in Shanghai.

SINOx from Siemens drops industrial NOx

In response to a growing demand for NOx emission reductions for small industrial combustion facilities, engine-based cogeneration plants and diesel generators, Siemens Power Generation Group has developed SINOx, a special exhaust cleaning system which is reported to reducing NOx by up to 95 percent.

Turkey is quietly growing into a major electricity consumer with rising demand

Turkey`s electricity demand in 1995 was almost 72,000 GWh, expected to soar to 308,000 GWh by 2010. Demand is growing at approximately 8 percent annually, and the government is planning to boost installed capacity to 58 GW to meet the demand, according to Hal Sunar, Community Energy Alternatives Inc., at the American Turkish Council annual conference.

Personnel promotions, appointments, awards

PacifiCorp announced the appointment of Daniel L. Spalding as chairman of Powercor in Australia. He will continue as senior vice president for PacifiCorp and will have offices in Melbourne.

Siemens sees growing demand for coal-fired power plants

By virtue of the low-cost availability of coal, Siemens/KWU anticipates increasing growth in the demand for coal-fired steam power plants in the world marketplace, particularly in Asia. In many countries, enhanced efficiency and reduced plant costs are driving the life-cycle costs of coal-fired plants back down to a competitive level with natural gas-fired combined-cycle plants.

Designing efficiency

The most powerful 60-Hz heavy-duty gas turbine available is this Model V84.3A, developed and tested by the Siemens Power Generation Group. It achieves an electrical output of 170 MW and a simple-cycle efficiency of 38 percent. Their high- performance figures were measured on the gas-turbine bed at the Siemens/KWU manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany. It is anticipated that the new turbine will achieve at least a 58-percent combined-cycle efficiency. According to Siemens, one of the most import

FACTS will boost transmission capacity and flexibility

Transmission system needs vary widely around the world, and new technology is providing the flexibility to meet those varying demands

Chinas SCADA/EMS market growing rapidly

China`s electrical power industry is growing rapidly; older SCADA/EMS systems have to be expanded and improved and new ones added; vendors must be aware of Chinese requirements