Electric power plants are operating at high efficiency and low CO2

Coal-fired power plants with efficiencies of 45 percent or greater, and low CO2, are now being offered by the German companies such as ABB, Siemens, Babcock, EVT, MAN Energie and Steinm?ller in capacities of 500, 600 and 700 MW. According to the companies, the high efficiency is possible through the use of new materials that allow higher temperatures in the boilers and turbines of up to 580 C and pressures up to 285 bar.

FACTS will boost transmission capacity and flexibility

Transmission system needs vary widely around the world, and new technology is providing the flexibility to meet those varying demands

No Financial Borders

Interview by Helmut Sendner, Contributing Editor, with Dr. Fritz P. Ruess, Siemens Power Ventures Inc., Managing Director, Erlangen, Germany

German power plant equipment manufacturers look toward international markets

German producers of electric power plant equipment are looking more at the international markets. After the modernization of 4,000-MW power plants in the eastern part of Germany and the construction of approximately 10,000 MW of new capacity, there is a foreseeable slack period for the order books. In addition, Western Germany had no need for the additional capacity of new coal-fired plants. However, there is still a need for building small cogeneration units with gas engines and gas turbines

Industry comes together in search for solutions

POWER-GEN Europe `95 confirms technological advances, equipment improvements and expert predictions are lighting the way

POWER-GEN Asia set in Singapore in conjunction with DA/DSM(TM) Asia

POWER-GEN Asia `95 is coming to the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept. 27-29, 1995. One highlight of this year`s event will be the launch of Singapore Power, the company that will take over the electricity and gas operations of Singapore`s Public Utilities Board (PUB), a state-owned utility that is to be privatized soon.

Combined-cycle gas turbines: The technology of choice for new power plants

Combined-cycle efficiencies of up to 60 percent are now possible when advanced gas turbine technology is utilized

Ahlstrom contracts for Thailand cogen plant

A. Ahlstrom Corp. has signed a contract with Thai Kraft Paper Industry Company Ltd. to deliver a cogeneration power plant for the Wang Sala mill, north of Bangkok, Thailand. Commercial operation is scheduled for summer 1996.

Target: 60% thermal efficiency

Siemens said that 60 percent thermal efficiency is the economic limit for combined-cycle generating plants, but it`s within reach of current technology. At a recent press briefing in Berlin to introduce the firm`s new 3A gas turbine design, Siemens executives said they had targeted 60 percent thermal efficiency and hoped to achieve it soon.

Siemens posts record sales in fiscal 94

Siemens is pushing to increase its share of the world energy construction market through a new subsidiary, fresh partnerships and a new view on plant design.

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