RWE and Kohler-SDMO sign grid stability pact for emergency generators

RWE has partnered with emergency power generator company KOHLER-SDMO to come up with new energy generation solutions.
energy storage

RWE investigates energy storage in salt caverns

Salt caverns currently used for gas storage are under investigation as large-scale, organic flow batteries.
RWE offshore wind farm

RWE secures leases to develop four offshore wind farm extensions

RWE Renewables has signed with The Crown Estate Agreements for Lease to develop four offshore wind project extensions in the United Kingdom.

RWE opens mini-museum for climate change and renewables exhibits

In the UK, RWE has opened the Rampion Visitor Centre to display climate change, renewable energy and technological advancements.
solar pv

RWE begins first ground-mounted solar farm in Netherlands

Germany multinational utility RWE has started the construction of its first ground-mounted solar energy project in the Netherlands.
Just transition

German utility RWE reaches coal exit deal with mining union

Germany utility RWE has reached an agreement with trade and mining unions on the “coal exit” collective bargaining agreement.
Dutch wind energy

RWE partners with Dutch farmers on Waddenwind wind farm

RWE will purchase the full production of the Dutch onshore wind developed by Waddenwind, a group of local farmers in Groningen.
offshore wind energy

RWE completes turbine foundations at Triton Knoll wind farm

RWE has completed the installation of all 90 turbine foundations and two 50km long export cables connecting offshore and onshore electrical systems.

RWE joins newly launched European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

RWE has joined the newly launched European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

RWE and Mitsubishi invest in US offshore floating wind project

The University of Maine has announced that two industry heavyweights are investing in the development of a pioneer floating offshore wind technology project.

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