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Teesside station selects RR Trent

Construction is under way at Seal Sands on Teesside?s new 50 MW generation station, powered by the Rolls-Royce Industrial Trent gas turbine. The station will be owned by Viking Power, a joint venture between Rolls-Royce Power Ventures Ltd. and Northern Electric Generation Ltd., and is ex-pected to be in commercial operation toward the end of 1997. The Viking Power project is the first plant in the UK to use the Trent in simple-cycle configuration, but work is under way in Derby on a power plant

Egypt forges ahead with IPP framework

The energy sector in Egypt has improved tremendously in the past 15 years. Electrical power generation output now totals 113,000 MW annually, compared with 4,800 MW in 1980. The electricity sector now uses natural gas for power generation to save petroleum for other government projects such as refineries and exportation. Production of natural gas is now 4 trillion cubic feet per year, compared to 2 to 3 trillion cubic feet just a few years ago. In addition to capacity expansion, energy pricing

Rolls-Royce wins Bohunice contract

Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering has won a contract to take a series of material samples from reactors at the Bohunice nuclear power plant in the Slovak Republic during its next outage.

Rolls-Royce contracts 3 HRSGs for Humber

Rolls-Royce will receive a (US)$15.7 million share of a contract for three heat-recovery steam generators (HRSG) at a UK power station. International Combustion, part of the Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group, will carry out the work as part of a (US)$36.11 million contract won in association with Cockerill Mechanical Industries of Belgium. The HRSGs will be installed at Humber Power`s 750-MW combined-cycle power station at Stallingborough, England.

Rolls-Royce delivers bushing

One of the largest bushings in the world has been delivered to Shenyang Transformers by Rolls-Royce, UK. The 1,100-kV bushing will be used in a single-phase test transformer for ultra-high voltage transmission research. The bushing, 7.3 meters tall, entered service in March. It is used to carry high-voltage conductors through an earthen barrier, such as a wall or metal tank. It provides electrical insulation for the rated voltage and for service over-voltages while serving as a mechanical suppor

Rolls-Royce Trent program on schedule

The Rolls-Royce industrial Trent development engine program is continuing on schedule with all results confirming or exceeding design expectations, according to a Rolls-Royce spokesman. The Trent made its inaugural run in September at the test facility in Montreal, Canada. The program is now proving the engine`s operation and controls and commissioning the new test bed`s auxiliary and data acquisition systems.

Rolls-Royce subsidiary breaks records with (US)$300M contract

Reyrolle, part of the Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group, has won its largest contract ever, estimated at more than (US)$300 million, building one of the largest electricity substations in the Middle East.

Business news and new business

Shanghai Electric Corp. and Westinghouse Electric Corp. have agreed to form several joint-venture companies in China. The new companies will design and manufacture power generation equipment. They are expected to begin operations by the end of the year, pending government approvals.

Rolls-Royce sets projects in Malta, Bolivia, China, US

Rolls-Royce and subsidiaries have announced a variety of new projects in several different countries.

Personnel promotions, moves, appointments

Kelvin Bray has been appointed GEC Alsthom`s Power Generation Division managing director, which has been set up by merging the activities of the electromechanical, gas turbine and diesel, and boilers and environmental systems divisions.

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