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Rolls-Royce plans mini nuclear reactors by 2029

Mini nuclear reactors could be generating power in the UK by the end of the decade. This is according to a recent interview with BBC’s...

Rolls-Royce launches $5m microgrid validation centre

Rolls-Royce has launched a €5m ($5.5m) microgrid validation centre in Germany for its MTU product and solution brand. The plant is at the headquarters...

Rolls-Royce partners with 2G Energy for gas-powered gensets

The Power Systems business unit of technology group Rolls-Royce has signed a contract of cooperation with 2G Energy, specialist in gas-powered generator...

Rolls-Royce commissions microgrid validation centre

Rolls-Royce has commissioned a Microgrid Validation Center for its MTU product and solution brand. The aim of the center is to run...

ABB and Rolls-Royce in microgrid and automation collaboration

ABB and Rolls-Royce have announced a global partnership on microgrid technology and advanced automation.

Rolls Royce boosts storage and microgrid business

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is expanding its energy portfolio from diesel and gas gensets to microgrids and energy storage.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems names new CEO

Andreas Schell has been appointed as chief executive of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. 

Rolls-Royce taking steps to develop SMRs

Rolls-Royce is putting more resource into plans to develop small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).

Iran in discussions over investment in energy infrastructure

Iran has commenced discussions with Siemens and Rolls-Royce as the country looks to develop its power sector post-sanctions.

Gas engine optimization: Flexibility to the fore

With a grid that is becoming increasingly dominated by intermittent renewables, gas engines are now being called upon to offer flexibility and reliability in the brave new world of distributed generation.

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