Redefining perovskite

Redefining perovskite

Laura Schelhas explains why perovskites are causing a buzz in solar.
EDF solar farms go live in California

New research could accelerate perovskite solar cell adoption

Scientists at The University of Manchester have found a way to increase the environmental safety of perovskite solar cells.
Perovskite solar

Perovskite set to disrupt the global solar supply chain

Perovskite solar will invade conventional solar in three distinct ways, beginning at the tail end of this year, according to Rethink Research

How graphene fits into Europe’s sustainability goals

The Graphene Flagship, one of the European Commission’s biggest research projects, is working to bring graphene out of labs and into society.

DOE announces next-gen thermochromic windows that generate power

Scientists at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratoryhave reported a breakthrough in developing a next-generation thermochromic window that generates electricity.
solar pv perovskite cells

Surrey University unveils groundbreaking solar research

Scientists from the University of Surrey have revealed the significant improvements they are making in perovskite-based solar cells.
solar pv perovskite cells

DoE funding to advance perovskite solar PV technologies

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $20 million in funding to advance perovskite solar photovoltaic technologies.

Australian University sets record with solar cell technology

The Australian National University has announced a new record for the conversion of sunlight into energy, moving the world closer to the future of solar technology

How the power sector is unlocking 3D printing potential

A new report states that the power industry is steadily embracing the opportunities of 3D printing with applications being used in renewables, conventional energy and battery storage.

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