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Are renewables really sustainable?

As the world races towards energy transition, we take a look at some of the key renewable technologies and the impact they have on the environment.

Cavendish Nuclear joins Rolls-Royce small modular reactor programme

Rolls-Royce and Cavendish Nuclear have signed a MoU to collaborate on the Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor programme.

PEI Connect: China abandons $3bn coal project

China has done an unprecedented about-turn by withdrawing financing from a large coal project in Zimbabwe.

PEI Connect: Japan extends life of ageing nuclear plant

The reactor is the oldest to be restarted since Fukushima and needed special approval to have its lifetime extended beyond the standard 40-year limit

PEI Connect: Saluting the women in engineering

We acknowledge all the ladies making an impact in the fields of STEM and making a difference in traditionally male-dominated fields.
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UK’s net-zero goal requires à‚£14bn in additional renewables per annum

The study by Good Energy has found that the UK is able to achieve net-zero without relying on nuclear energy or fossil-fuelled energy.

PEI Connect: Giant Pikachus join the G7 fight against coal

G7 leaders pledged to end new direct government support for unabated thermal coal power and giant Pikachus added momentum to the cause.

EDF defuels UKs Dungeness B nuclear station due to technical risks

EDF has decided to move one of the UK's nuclear stations into the first phase of decommissioning after discovering several risks to parts of the fuel assemblies and elsewhere.

PEI Connect: Bitcoin mining goes green in El Salvador

Take a look at El Salvador's plan to use volcanic geothermal as a clean energy source to mine Bitcoin.
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Curtiss-Wright provides tech upgrade for Columbia nuclear plant

Curtiss-Wright's Nuclear Division has been selected to replace the existing plant process computer (PPC) system at the Columbia Generating Station in Washington state.