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IAEA calls for ramp-up in nuclear investment ahead of COP26

The International Atomic Energy Agency has released the Nuclear Energy for a Net Zero World report, calling for increased investments in nuclear to reach net zero goals.

Exploring Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Iran has made 55 kg of uranium enriched to up to 20% indicating quicker production than the rate required by an Iranian law.
covid-19 and energy workforce

Women in nuclear join forces with IAEA to drive gender parity

Global women empowerment champions and the International Atomic Energy Agency have joined forces to challenge gender imbalanced human resources strategies in the nuclear power sector.
climate commitments

Climate change: Impacts on the energy supply chain

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released a new publication exploring the diverse range of impacts on the energy sector resulting from gradual climate change and extreme weather events, as well as the...