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Smaller footprint, bigger impact

Like the rest of the economy, industrial firms are emerging from a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic – some in a better position than others, on account of geography or their specific industry.
Helena Anderson, Roberto Castiglioni – Ikigai Group

‘There is no energy transition without creation of value’

To us, a just transition means creating the right balance amongst, and value for, the stakeholders to deliver a net zero economy.

Navigating Italy’s road to decarbonisation

Agnese Cecchini of Gruppo Italia Energia highlights how taboos in the tech sector can be counterproductive to a successful ecological transition The Italian government has changed the name of its Ministry of the Environment to...
Circular economy is the future

From linear to circular: the business transition to sustainability

Today’s economy has the potential to become sustainable if companies thought of the world as an island in the middle of an ocean of inhospitable space.

Coal-to-Gas: a bridge to sustainability

Despite protestation from within the coal industry, coal should have no role to play in the future electricity generation landscape.

What is the definition of a just transition?

Enlit Europe’s content directors offer their perspective.
Lorena Skiljan from Nobilegroup writes about citizens and the just energy transition

Citizens’ band wavelength

A just transition means moving away from a centralised, top-down system dominated by a limited number of corporate actors, writes Nobilegroup partner Lorena Skiljan.