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Wind sector releases manifesto calling for public-private cooperation

The wind energy sector has released a manifesto calling on governments to "get serious" about the energy transition scale up wind installations.
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Africa WindPower launches to accelerate the energy transition

Africa WindPower has been launched by the Global Wind Energy Council to accelerate the region's transition to renewable energy.
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IRENA and GWEC target 380GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030

IRENA and GWEC have announced compact to ensure sustainable energy for all that helps the global battle against climate change.

GWEC forms knowledge-sharing partnership with University of Sussex

Sussex Energy has partnered with GWEC to research mechanisms that can accelerate the role of wind energy in the energy transition.

Offshore wind market is growing exponentially says GWEC

New installed capacity of offshore wind reached 6.1GW in 2020, 14 times higher than 10 years ago says the Global Wind Energy Council in its latest report
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Vietnam needs policy clarity to secure offshore wind future

Vietnam is facing a crucial crossroads in terms of renewable energy policy and has the opportunity to act now to accelerate offshore wind in this decade.
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Wind sector CEOs call on G20 to get real about renewables

CEOs in the wind energy sector wrote an open letter to G20 member countries, providing advice on how they can meet the 2050 net-zero goal.

India’s wind market set to rebound despite COVID impact

India is expected to add nearly 20.2GW of new wind power capacity between 2021-2025, according to the latest report from GWEC.
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Skills development in wind sector critical to meeting net zero – GWEC

The wind industry needs to train more than 480,000 people to Global Wind Organisation standards over the next five years to meet global wind power market demand.

Wind can power 3.3 million new jobs over next five years

New analysis by GWEC shows that 3.3 million new wind power jobs can be created globally over the next five years thanks to major industry expansion.