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Geothermal potential – Why hot rocks are cool

As we need more and more reliable clean energy, Dr Ryan Law says we must not ignore the untapped geothermal potential beneath our feet.

World Bank funds geothermal exploration in Saint Lucia

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved $21.9 million for the Renewable Energy Sector Development Project for Saint Lucia.
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DoE report highlights market potential for geothermal energy

A new report reveals trends that shaped the US geothermal energy market between 2015 and 2019 and how to address market challenges.

Four deep geothermal plants announced for UK

UK-based Geothermal Engineering Ltd has announced that it will be rolling out four new deep geothermal power plants in Cornwall, Southwest England.

ENGIE Solutions wins geothermal innovator of the year award

ENGIE Solutions has won the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award with its multidrains boreholes well architecture.

PEI Connect: Bitcoin mining goes green in El Salvador

Take a look at El Salvador's plan to use volcanic geothermal as a clean energy source to mine Bitcoin.
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Enel pilots 3D printing to repair geothermal components

Enel Green Power has successfully used 3D printing in their flagship Geyser project at Santa Barbara metallurgy labs in Cavriglia, near Arezzo, Italy.

Geothermal energy market to hit $50 billion by 2027

Growing concern about greenhouse gas emissions is causing governments to shift their focus toward clean energy development, spurring geothermal growth.

Mexican geothermal plant boosts efficiency with Mitsubishi digital tools

A Mexican geothermal plant is installing Mitsubishi Power's digital solution to increase performance efficiency and operations as the steam potential changes over time.

Central America’s geothermal capacity underdeveloped

Less than one-fifth of the geothermal potential in Central America has been developed, a new study has found.