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PEI Connect: ‘Watershed moment’ for fusion energy

Researchers are calling it a "watershed moment" for nuclear fusion, with a record-breaking magnet successfully creating a magnetic field of 20 tesla.

New partnership to accelerate fusion energy research using supercomputing

Science and Technology Facilities Council has partnered with UK Atomic Energy Authority to advance the UK's nuclear fusion programme.
Nuclear fusion

Altrad and Doosan Babcock sign UK fusion support contract

Altrad and Doosan Babcock will provide a range of support services for the UK Atomic Energy Authority's fusion research and technology programme.
Nuclear fusion

UK’s new proposals support rapid rollout of fusion energy

A new report has been published setting out how the UK can support the rapid and safe introduction of fusion energy as the technology develops.
hyper velocity gas gun 2

New hyper velocity gas gun to accelerate fusion timeline

First Light Fusion has completed construction of a 22-metre-long two-stage gas gun as part of its experimental efforts to develop the route to commercial fusion energy.

UKAEA completes pilot project to accelerate fusion

The UK Atomic Energy Authority has completed a pilot project to tackle some of fusion energy's most complex challenges.

New academic partnership to accelerate UK fusion future

A new partnership has been signed between The University of Manchester and the UK Atomic Energy Authority to accelerate the UK's progress toward fusion energy.

PEI Connect: Learning powered by the sun

Pei Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (19 - 26 Feb), and first up, we focus on a good news story out of Madagascar, combining solar power, circular economy and digital learning.

It’s time to place a macro bet on nuclear fusion

The problem with fusion is that its feasibility and near-term deployment timeline are still questioned, yet, two experiments have produced tens of MW of fusion power as early as in the mid-1990's.
ITER fusion reactor

Doosan Heavy Industries to supply pressurizer for ITER fusion project

Doosan Heavy Industries will supply a pressurizer for the massive, multi-national nuclear fusion research project - ITER - going on in southern France.