European New Energy Landscape

Europe on track for 2.7GW of hydrogen electrolyser capacity by 2025

The total announced project capacity within the European hydrogen electrolyser market would take the green hydrogen sector to 2.7GW by 2025.

Doosan Škoda to supply turbine for Polish waste-to-energy plant

Doosan Škoda Power has entered into a contract to supply a one-core DST-S20 steam turbine with complete accessories for a waste-to-energy plant in Olsztyn, Poland.

Koehler converts CHP plant from coal to biomass

The Koehler Group has announced plans to fully convert its power plant at its Oberkirch/Germany location to a combined heat and power plant using biomass as a fuel.
Timmermans outlines EU’s ‘Herculean task’ of decarbonisation

Timmermans outlines EU’s ‘Herculean task’ of decarbonisation

The European energy sector is poised for an industrial revolution “comparable to the jump we made when James Watt invented the steam engine”.

‘Climate change is no different to a pandemic’ says Eurelectric president

"We need the same kind of mobilization of governments in the response to climate change as we have seen against Covid.”

RWE to launch airborne wind energy testing site in Ireland

RWE has established its first test centre to investigate the potential of innovative airborne wind energy technologies.

Iberdrola launches agrovoltaics start-up challenge

Iberdrola group is seeking low-cost and environmentally-friendly solutions enabling the roll-out of solar PV projects that facilitate coexistence with rural activities.

New marine energy anchoring solution to begin sea trials

The Universal Mooring, Anchor & Connectivity Kit is a unique mooring and anchoring solution aimed at superseding widely used ‘gravity-based’ anchor solutions.

PivotBuoy floating wind prototype to be launched in the Canary Islands

X1 Wind will deploy its PivotBuoy floating wind technology in the Canary Islands after completing the assembly and load-out of a fully-functional prototype.
Agrivoltaics test plant

Germany publishes new guidelines to develop agrivoltaics

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has published a new set of guidelines on agrivoltaics, providing up-to-date information on the technology.

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