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Uzbekistan signs energy co-operation agreement with Siemens Energy

A new MoU signed between Siemens Energy and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is expected to help ensure energy security in the country.

ScottishPower plans to deliver the UK’s largest electrolyser in Glasgow

A subsidiary of Iberdrola, ScottishPower, and its partners are planning to deliver what they are calling will be the largest electrolyser project in the UK.

Wood signs green energy deal with NEL Hydrogen

Wood will work with NEL Hydrogen to deliver large-scale green hydrogen production plants.

Equinor and SSE partner on hydrogen, CCS and gas-fired power plants

SSE and Equinor are partnering to develop two low-carbon power stations in the UK—one using gas-fired turbines and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, and the other as the world's first major-scale 100% hydrogen-fueled generation plant.
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World’s first clean hydrogen fund catches attention of global investors

FiveT Capital Holding has launched a private infrastructure fund dedicated to delivering clean hydrogen infrastructure projects at scale.
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Portugal and the EIB partner on rollout of hydrogen solutions

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Portuguese government and the European Investment Bank (EIB) is expected to help the country fast-track the deployment of hydrogen solutions.

àƒËœrsted’s 1GW hydrogen plant to decarbonise Dutch-Flemish industry

SeaH2Land' will link GW-scale electrolysis to the industrial demand in the Dutch-Flemish North Sea Port cluster through a regional cross-border pipeline.
Net zero coalition pledges to break silos to deliver Europe’s energy goals

Net zero coalition pledges to break silos to deliver energy goals

European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA) comprises 17 bodies representing different parts of the energy sector such as power plants, gas and grids, as well as industries including pulp and paper.

Lightsource bp joins Welsh project to expand hydrogen economy

Lightsource bp will join the South Wales Industrial Cluster deployment project, which has secured funding from UK Research & Innovation.
Hydrogen production is a ‘climate killer’ says Enel boss

Hydrogen production is a ‘climate killer’ says Enel boss

Carlo Zorzoli of Enel Green Power says hydrogen today "is not a solution to decarbonisation but part of the problem".