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#COP26: Hydrogen as a missing piece of the energy transition puzzle

Hydrogen is an energy carrier with great potential, however, Europe must keep pushing hydrogen technology beyond current performance and costs.
hydrogen valleys

Hydrogen valleys critical to achieving greener EU economy

Hydrogen valleys are important in empowering EU regions in the energy transition and strengthening the hydrogen market - Hydrogen Europe.
clean capacity

‘Hydrogen hype threatens to delay clean energy transition’ says report

The latest wave of hype masks the fact that most hydrogen production today pollutes communities and drives climate breakdown.

Why nuclear energy can help deliver a green hydrogen economy

Nuclear power plants “have a critical role in producing low-carbon hydrogen” according to a former shadow energy minister in the UK.
Hydrogen economy needs to be untangles to mature

Hydrogen Europe appoints Jorgo Chatzimarkakis as CEO

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Hydrogen Europe.

‘World first’ as hydrogen used to manufacture glass

Glassmaker Pilkington replaced natural gas with hydrogen at its factory in northwest England to manufacture sheet glass.

How hydrogen innovation is decarbonising the steel industry

Primetals Technologies explains how the steel sector is decarbonizing, improving energy efficiency, while developing a hydrogen economy.
green hydrogen

UK Hydrogen Strategy ‘lacks the ambition to be world leading’

Britain will be outpaced by Germany and France and inclusion of blue hydrogen sets UK apart from most of Europe.

UK energy bodies back government’s Hydrogen Strategy

Strategy "offers a positive vision for the role of hydrogen in meeting the UK’s net zero ambitions”.
UK unveils hydrogen strategy based on offshore wind model

UK unveils hydrogen strategy based on offshore wind model

Contracts-for-difference model to be used to incentivize projects