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PEI Connect: Power to the people

PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (20 - 27 May), and first up we begin with the lawsuit against Shell. What an outcome!

Eurelectric’s Kristian Ruby optimistic about net zero future

Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric, weighs in on what he believes are the most significant developments in the energy sector in the past 25 years.

Direct electrification: The key to achieving net zero

Jean Bernard Lévy made it crystal clear that the electric industry has a pivotal responsibility in achieving climate ambitions.
Timmermans outlines EU’s ‘Herculean task’ of decarbonisation

Timmermans outlines EU’s ‘Herculean task’ of decarbonisation

The European energy sector is poised for an industrial revolution "comparable to the jump we made when James Watt invented the steam engine".

‘Climate change is no different to a pandemic’ says Eurelectric president

"We need the same kind of mobilization of governments in the response to climate change as we have seen against Covid."

Recent energy transitions point way to an ‘Electric Decade’ ahead

To mark the start of Eurelectric's Power Summit this week, Wytse Kaastra, Managing Director at Accenture talks about some of the most salient developments within power and utilities over the past 25 years.
EDF chairman Jean-Bernard Lévy will be the next president of European energy association Eurelectric

Eurelectric elects EDF boss Lévy as new president

EDF chairman Jean-Bernard Lévy will be the next president of European energy association Eurelectric.

Eurelectric: Why the 2020s are the electric decade

Working towards a united goal makes global climate action effective, writes Eurelectric's Pat O'Doherty.

Europe urgently needs to scale energy storage, says Eurelectric

Energy storage needs to contribute to an up to 500GW flexible power requirement in Europe by 2030 and more beyond, according to a new Eurelectric report.

Europe must ramp up renewables argues Eurelectric

Eurelectric's Power Barometer 2020 calls for accelerated rollout of renewable energies alongside decarbonisation of end-user energy use to meet EU climate targets.