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Green transport and energy to shape Europe’s post-COVID-19 status – EESC

The EU's transport and energy sectors will be vital in post-COVID-19 Europe and can be a driver of the green economic recovery.

Is Africa ready for the green hydrogen revolution?

Africa's readiness to embrace green hydrogen was a key topic discussed in the recent Digital Energy Festival webinar, moderated by Cornelius Matthes, senior vice president of Dii Desert Energy, MENA.
Why we must unlock energy’s DNA to enable a green transition: Enlit-Europe Virtual Keynote

Why we must unlock energy’s DNA to enable a green transition

The Enlit Europe Virtual Keynote heard what is necessary for Europe to accelerate a green energy transition.
Study finds CHP a key enabler of Europe’s energy transition and could save €8bn

Study finds CHP a key enabler of Europe’s energy transition

A study published today finds that cogeneration is a primary enabler to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe and could save over €8...

What If Series: Virtual Keynote – What if the global pandemic...

The Keynote Panel will debate to what extent Europe can and will deliver on its promises, which underpin the energy transition.

Will EC’s Renovation Wave turn the tide on energy poverty?

With its newly-announced Renovation Wave Strategy, the European Commission is aiming to double building renovation rates over the next 10 years, resulting...

Disruption initiative launches green hydrogen challenge

The Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI), is launching the Green Hydrogen GrandChallenge and will select the strategic partners for the Challenge in the coming weeks.
offshore wind

Europe ready for HVDC offshore wind transmission grid says study

The necessary technologies for a meshed HVDC offshore wind transmission network are ready for use, but that political will and more European cooperation are needed now.
sustainable energy

Stakeholders’ interest in sustainable energy solutions positive despite COVID-19

Energy players are positive about the adoption of sustainable energy technologies in the next 12 months despite the impact of COVID-19.

Powering sustainability can boost bottom line says Capgemini

Energy and utility companies with advanced sustainability initiatives earn more revenue, improve brand and company valuations, and are perceived positively by investors, regulators and clients.

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