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European renewable PPA prices show ‘remarkable stability’

New record for day-ahead power prices in Great Britain

New records have been set for day-ahead power prices, energy market analyst EnAppSys has highlighted.

British customers to feel the pinch as gas prices hit record highs – Ofgem

Britain's energy price cap will increase from 1 October 2021 for the 15 million customers it protects.

European carbon prices hit record levels as demand increases

As lockdowns eased across Europe and electricity demand returned to pre-COVID levels, carbon allowance prices rose to record levels in the second quarter.

Market volatility in Spain increases trading risks and opportunities

Recent changes in wholesale markets with an increase in renewables and interconnector capacity are expected to increase revenue opportunities and risks for energy traders.

Energy Markets Week: Planning a market fit for purpose

From 14 to 17 June the digital Energy markets week shed some light on a wide array of energy trading related topics.

How to create a hydrogen market in Europe

The quickest way to create a regulatory framework that accommodates hydrogen is to extend the core pillars of the current gas market.

New day-ahead electricity market service drives higher prices

UK-based owners of peaking assets have cashed in on higher prices and revenue-generating opportunities following the launch of STOR (Short-Term Operating Reserve) as a day-ahead service.
Wind energy costs predicted to drop significantly

Berkeley Lab study finds wind energy costs could fall by 49%

Berkeley Lab study shows expected cost declines of up to 35% by 2035 and 49% by 2050
European renewable PPA prices show ‘remarkable stability’

European renewable PPA prices show ‘remarkable stability’

Index analyses over 4000 wind and solar pricing offers across 21 countries in Europe and North America.

Analysis: How offshore wind impacts the electricity market design

Paul Giesbertz, Head Advisor Market Policies & Regulatory Affairs at Statkraft, explains why hybrid assets are relevant to the design of the European electricity market.