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The pain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

Spain is the world’s third largest producer of wind power, ranks second in solar energy development and is seen widely as a model for the creation of a genuinely green economy.

Retrofit reductions: Meeting both current and future emission targets

For Tejo Energia’s Pego power station – one of the few coal fired plants in Portugal – the implementation of an emissions control system has been immensely successful in reducing SO2 and NOx levels below legislative norms.

Gas turbines: weathering the economic storm

Recent research by market analysts Frost & Sullivan suggests that the global gas turbine market will be relatively resilient despite the economic slowdown and persisting credit problems in global financial markets.

European metering is getting smarter

A recent study by Capgemini into the status of Europe’s smart metering market found that.


Fluor Ltd and Airtricity have formed a consortium called Seagreeen Wind Energy Ltd, which has bid for exclusive rights to develop wind farms under the third round of the UK Crown Estate’s auction of offshore wind farm licenses.


Germany’s 17 remaining nuclear power plants can produce 1241 TWh more electricity between now and 2021, according to the industry’s supervisory body.


A report by the US Congress’ non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that the Department of Energy (DOE) inaccurately estimated the costs for its FutureGen project, and that this flagship clean coal project should not have been shelved.


Swedish utility Vattenfall has agreed to buy 49 per cent of the shares in Dutch peer Nuon and to buy the remaining stake in the coming six years, the two firm said in a joint statement.

Renewables in a time of crisis

In these economically uncertain times, the next few years will be crucial for the renewable energy industry.

Sailing through choppy waters

As the credit crunch bites, the implications for the power industry during the economic slump are uncertain.