Central and Eastern Europe must add new capacity to grow economically

Although there is a need for new capacity, some power projects are not feasible and financing will be difficult

EV infrastructure offers expansion, diversity for innovative utilities

Opportunities abound for participation, including building public charging stations, installing home charging sites and establishing self-service EV systems in urban areas

POWER-GEN(TM) Europe is coming to Hungary with view of the future

The rapidly changing nature of power generation and delivery makes current technical and business information essential for success

Lebanese power under construction

Four new electric power stations are being built in Lebanon. Two will use combustion turbines from GEC Alsthom and another two 450-MW combined-cycle stations are being supplied by Ansaldo of Italy. In September 1995, Electricite de France signed a (US)$19 million contract to assist the Lebanese authorities during construction of these power stations, which is set to begin in mid-1996 with the stations fully operational in 1998.

Efficiency, reliability and control of pollution enhanced during plant upgrade

Design of today`s modern steam power plants is primarily dictated by economic considerations. However, electric utilities do place high demands on plant availability and operating flexibility. In addition, in today`s environment, power plant designers must design a plant to meet a country`s environmental regulations. One of the most effective technologies for limiting environmental pollution is through the promotion of high-efficiency power generation.

Personnel promotions, appointments, awards

Jerzy Lepecki, Brazil, will retire as CIGRE president and John Banks, UK, will retire as treasurer at the 1996 Paris meeting. A new administrative council will be elected at the same meeting. Executive Committee suggestions are: Michel Chamia, Sweden, president; Andre Merlin, France, Technical Committee chairman; and Professor Y. Sekine, Japan, treasurer. Yves Porcheron, CIGRE secretary general will retire in 1996 and Yves Thomas of Electricite de France will be his successor.

POWER-GEN Americas exposes soft domestic market, overseas opportunities

Competition is seen throughout the electricity industry as power generation attains a global market mind-set

Combined-cycle gas turbines: The technology of choice for new power plants

Combined-cycle efficiencies of up to 60 percent are now possible when advanced gas turbine technology is utilized

Total electric system integration is Europes aim

PennWell`s 1995 Central and Eastern European Power Industry Forum examined the role of central and eastern European countries in a European power market

Construction scheduled forDaya Bay 2 in Guandong

The French and Chinese authorities have chosen a consortium of French firms to participate in the expansion of Daya Bay nuclear power plant in Guandong province of China. The expansion is expected to cost approximately (US)$2.83 billion.

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