Gas-fired power set to secure French energy over Winter

French unease at potential power shortages this winter have been alleviated by claims from the country’s gas power sector that there is sufficient capacity from the industry to sustain the country.

EDF buys Areva reactor business for $2.7bn

French state utility EDF has made a binding agreement to purchase Areva’s nuclear reactor assets, in a deal worth $2.7bn.

EDF boss says UK taxpayer will not pay for Hinkley overrun

The chief executive of EDF Energy, the company building the UK’s first nuclear power plant in a generation says the British taxpayer will not be footing the bill for unforeseen rises in the cost of building the plant.

Iceland-UK power interconnector delayed by Brexit

A power interconnector, which would, at 1,000 KM be the world’s longest, is facing delays as a result of the decision by Britain to withdraw from the European Union.

French government may jettison carbon tax plan

A plan announced by French environment minister Segolene Royal in May to introduce a carbon floor of EUR30 ($30), is set to be shelved.

Bristol supercomputer tackling the menace of jellyfish

Bristol University, as reported earlier this week, is pioneering a technology which aims to prevent coastal nuclear and coal-fired power plants from being disrupted by swarms of jellyfish.

Brexit could hurt Hinkley nuclear progress

Brexit could have damaging implications for the development of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.

Forecasting tool to stop jellyfish disrupting power plants

Bristol University in England has been enlisted in an attempt to stop jellyfish interrupting the performances of coastal power plants.

EDF appoints CRA to perform Sizewell nuclear analysis

Corporate Risk Associates (CRA) has been awarded a new contract by EDF Energy to perform a technical review of a reliability analysis developed for upgrades to the Process Control and Distributed Computer Systems at Sizewell B nuclear power plant in Suffolk, England.

British nuclear deals finally signed

The British government, EDF and China General Nuclear Group have signed an agreement to commence development of Britain’s new generation of nuclear power plants, 12 years after then Prime Minister Tony Blair kick-started the process with his party’s energy review.

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