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Nuclear and renewables at heart of UK’s Net Zero Strategy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled the UKs Net Zero Strategy, which aims for greater energy security through renewables and state-of-the-art British nuclear reactors.
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UK launches largest renewable energy support scheme

Round four aims to double the renewable electricity capacity secured in the third round and generate more than the previous three rounds combined.

UK to complete coal-phase out one year earlier

UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan has announced that from 1 October 2024 Great Britain will no longer use coal to generate electricity.
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UK’s pace for new-build renewables not fit for 2050 net-zero target

The current market and options available for new-build renewables are inadequate to keep the UK on track to its net-zero targe
Nuclear fusion

UK’s new proposals support rapid rollout of fusion energy

A new report has been published setting out how the UK can support the rapid and safe introduction of fusion energy as the technology develops.

Meet the UK’s female innovators who are disrupting business

Visionary British female entrepreneurs are receiving government backing to drive forward their novel innovations and business ideas.
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Arup to research future UK offshore wind deployment scenarios

Arup has been appointed by the UK Government to research a range of scenarios for future offshore wind development.

Costain to partner with U-Battery on modular nuclear reactor design

Smart infrastructure solutions company, Costain, is collaborating with U-Battery Developments to develop an advanced modular reactor (AMR).
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UK releases Energy White Paper to map green recovery

The Energy White Paper sets out specific steps the UK government will take over the next decade to cut emissions and support new green jobs.
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UK commissions research into space solar power stations

The systems would use very large solar power satellites to collect solar energy, convert it into high-frequency radio waves, and safely beam it back to earth.