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European renewable PPA prices show ‘remarkable stability’

New record for day-ahead power prices in Great Britain

New records have been set for day-ahead power prices, energy market analyst EnAppSys has highlighted.

Cryptocurrency mining-as-a-service proposed to smooth load imbalances

The US startup Digital Power-Optimization is seeking to secure under-utilised renewable power generation assets. The growth in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining, with the large power requirements of data centre-scale mining operations, is leading to...
renewable energy

New ancillary service market paves the way to a renewables-led future

A new ancillary service procured by National Grid to manage the frequency of Britain's electricity system is set to support the country's green energy transition and provide new opportunities for battery projects.
Eni renewables acquisition

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners expands footprint in UK market with DR acquisition

Flexitricity Limited has been acquired by Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners from Swiss multinational Alpiq AG.

Statkraft and AMP Clean Energy in UK flexible trading pact

Statkraft has contracted with UK distributed energy company AMP Clean Energy to trade flexible generation in its Urban Reserve natural gas peaking plant portfolio.

Mitsubishi Power launches first green hydrogen ‘standard package’ projects in US

Three projects in the US are to implement the first green hydrogen standard packages for power balancing and energy storage

Chilean utility-scale PV plant licensed to deliver ancillary services

Chile's Independent System Operator has announced that its 141MW Luz del Norte PV power plant is the world's first known utility-scale solar facility licensed to deliver ancillary grid services commercially.

SmartestEnergy makes debut trade in UK Balancing Mechanism

UK utility SmartestEnergy has announced that it has completed its first trade in Britain's Balancing Mechanism. The company dispatched 37 MW into the near real-time market on Wednesday having been issued a Bid Offer...