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Why the focus on floating wind may stunt offshore growth in Asia Pacific

Deep sea turbine substructures are poised to revolutionise the offshore wind sector, according to Ian Hatton, Chairman, Enterprize Energy.

Hydrogen ” Asia Pacific’s fuel of the future

With countries such as Singapore, Japan and Australia heavily backing hydrogen's potential, it is only fitting to explore hydrogen's impact on the energy transition, as well as its wider potential across APAC.

Siemens and BECIS to drive distributed energy in Asia Pacific

Siemens has entered investment and framework agreements with Berkeley Energy Commercial Industrial Solutions to provide customers distributed energy solutions via a flexible â€ËœEnergy-as-a-Service' model

Asia-Pacific presents largest opportunity for microgrid market

Asia Pacific is expected to continue to be the largest overall market for microgrids, with remote segments making up the majority opportunity. This is according to a newly released report from Navigant Research, which...