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Digital transformation – Big data, big thinking

Laura Anderson of Siemens Energy talks exclusively to Kelvin Ross about the digital transformation of the energy sector.

Is AI the key to unlocking a faster energy transition?

A new study posits that "AI can be used to accelerate a more equitable energy transition and build trust for the technology throughout the industry".

Mitsubishi Power launches global AI hubs to enhance asset O&M

Mitsubishi Power is launching five remote operations and maintenance analytics centers in cities around the world to utilize AI to improve power plant performance.
wind turbine

PEI Connect: Raptors at risk due to wind turbine collisions

A new study by the USGS and Oklahoma State University focuses on how best to protect bird species from the impact of the growing wind industry.

Solar forecasting solution wins Google development funding

GB software start-up Open Climate Fix has been awarded more than £500,000 ($690,000) to advance its open source solar forecasting offering.

Brazil’s Copel introduces AI for management of wind farms

Paraná state electricity utility Copel has implemented artificial intelligence in forecasting the output of wind generation.
gas turbine

Dubai power and water plant gets controls upgrade

A new package of enhanced energy services from Siemens Energy will supply Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's Jebel Ali L2 power and water station.
European renewable PPA prices show ‘remarkable stability’

Fluence acquires Advanced Microgrid’s AI-driven digital platform

Energy storage joint venture Fluence is acquiring a microgrid software and digital intelligence platform.
Port of Rotterdam

Blockchain-powered microgrid pilots renewables trading in Port of Rotterdam

The first high frequency decentralised energy market has been demonstrated on the Port of Rotterdam's microgrid.
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Startup raises $5.1m to expand AI software for solar

SenseHawk has raised $5.1 million in Series A1 funding to expand its cloud-based platform which solves several challenges in the development, construction and operation of solar sites.