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ARENA releases bioenergy roadmap for Australia

ARENA has developed a roadmap to help Australia accelerate its deployment of bioenergy capacity to speed up the energy transition.
Australia solar energy

Australia adds ultra-low-cost solar to latest low emissions tech statement

The Australian government has added ultra-low-cost solar energy as a priority technology in its Low Emissions Technology Statement 2021
Hydrogen economy needs to be untangles to mature

Australia explores potential for hydrogen export to Japan

Stanwell Corporation partnered with Iwatani Corporation on a study assessing the ability of Australia to export hydrogen to Japan

Australia integrates long-duration storage with hybrid solar-hydro

RayGen to construct what the company is claiming to be Australia's first-of-a-kind hybrid solar-hydro power plant in north-west Victoria.
Australian telcos

Australian startup to install micro wind turbines for telcos

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is supporting a project designed to ensure energy reliability for telecommunications companies.
Queensland clean energy project

Pilot project to support Queensland industry’s switch to clean energy

ERM Power has secured funding from ARENA to help Queensland manufacturing businesses to make the switch to clean energy.
solar pv perovskite cells

ARENA issues funding for 16 solar R&D projects

Some 16 research projects win ARENA funding to address solar PV panel efficiency, overall cost reductions and end-of-life issues.
Electricity Sector

ARENA gets $1.62bn boost from the Australian government to cut emissions

The Australian prime minister and the minister of energy and emissions reduction have announced $1.62 billion in funding for ARENA.

Western Australia pumps $22m into hydrogen action plan

Western Australia is positioning hydrogen as one of the industries to build its recovery and innovation into the future.

Xodus poised for landmark Australian green hydrogen project

Xodus Group has been selected by Infinite Blue Energy Group to carry out initial phase one work for Australia's first, large scale 100% green hydrogen plant.