IGTI conference concentrates on helping the gas turbine user

Everyone seems to be concerned with "the customer" these days, and those at the 39th ASME International Gas Turbine & Aeroengine Congress/Users Symposium & Exposition (Turbo Expo `94) were no exception. In fact, the theme of the June Turbo Expo was "Maintain the Edge for the User."

New technology helps bring electricity to developing nations

America leads the world in power transmission technology due to the development of microprocessor relays

Microprocessor-based protection unit

The TPU(TM)-2000 is a microprocessor-based transformer protection unit. TPU-2000 offers protection, metering and monitoring for all three-phase, two-winding power transformers. It provides a comprehensive array of relay functions designed specifically to protect and prolong the operating life of transformers, while offering extensive metering and system monitoring capabilities.

Europe moving toward an open market

POWER-GEN Europe highlighted both the potential growth in a deregulated European power industry and the possibility of conflict with environmental objectives

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