ABB eyes Chernobyl solutions

The government of the Ukraine has entered into an agreement with a multi-national consortium led by ABB to develop a project to replace the production capacities of the Chernobyl nuclear power plants with alternative, non-nuclear sources of electric power. The consortium includes several international companies from Europe, the United States and Japan, including CMS, Kawasaki, Skanska, Mannesmann Anlagenbau and Danish Power.

ABB shares secrets of success in Asia

With demand for electricity outpacing supply by 7 percent a year in Asia, ABB has chosen to take the challenge and work toward reaping some of the rewards in this region. And it`s a strategy that`s paying off, according to Rolf H. Kehlhofer, ABB president of gas-turbine and combined-cycle power plants.

Plants using nuclear, municipal waste and coal are this years Project...

All of this year`s `Project of the Year Award` winners have one thing in common--excellence in design, construction and operation

Project management at Taweelah

Before starting work in Al Taweelah, ABB delivered 22,000 documents to the consultant, Tractabel of Belgium. To optimize the large amount of data and information generated, ABB has installed a communication network on site. Most of the information comes in by telephone and fax, and on a typical day over 100 fax pages are received.

Hydraulic nuts speed gas turbine assembly

Hydra-Tight Ltd. has developed a new generation of high-temperature hydraulic nuts, which are now being used by ABB for its GT11N2 design, which is a gas turbine rated at 110 MW. The outside components and casing operate at 340 C. These engines use 300 nuts each and are fitted to the compressor, turbine and combustion sections, as well as bearing housings, foundation bolting, internal vane carriers, intake and exhaust sections. The first installation, with three GT11N2 units, is fully operationa

Chinas SCADA/EMS market growing rapidly

China`s electrical power industry is growing rapidly; older SCADA/EMS systems have to be expanded and improved and new ones added; vendors must be aware of Chinese requirements

Electric power plants are operating at high efficiency and low CO2

Coal-fired power plants with efficiencies of 45 percent or greater, and low CO2, are now being offered by the German companies such as ABB, Siemens, Babcock, EVT, MAN Energie and Steinm?ller in capacities of 500, 600 and 700 MW. According to the companies, the high efficiency is possible through the use of new materials that allow higher temperatures in the boilers and turbines of up to 580 C and pressures up to 285 bar.

KEPCO awards (US)$200 million Yonggwang contract to ABB Nuclear

ABB has announced a contract worth more than (US)$200 million for Yonggwang Units 5 and 6 to be built for Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) in Chonnam Province on the west coast of Korea.

World?s largest power and desalination plant starts up its first unit

In July 1995 the first unit of Al Taweelah B power and desalination plant was put into operation in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With a sweet-water production of 76 million gallons per day, it is reported to be the largest desalination plant in the world.

German power plant equipment manufacturers look toward international markets

German producers of electric power plant equipment are looking more at the international markets. After the modernization of 4,000-MW power plants in the eastern part of Germany and the construction of approximately 10,000 MW of new capacity, there is a foreseeable slack period for the order books. In addition, Western Germany had no need for the additional capacity of new coal-fired plants. However, there is still a need for building small cogeneration units with gas engines and gas turbines

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