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2021 – Issue 3

Power Engineering International Issue 3 2021

Power Engineering International Issue 3 2021

The third edition of Power Engineering International 2021 is focusing on how data will engineer the future. Additionally, we filter the facts about hydrogen and evaluate the true potential of geothermal.

Digital transformation – Big data, big thinking

Laura Anderson of Siemens Energy talks exclusively to Kelvin Ross about the digital transformation of the energy sector.

Achieving single-digit emissions in coal-fired power plants

Public pressure has urged coal-fired power plants to adopt technologies that can reduce particulate emission more effectively.

Diving into the hydrogen debate

We have to filter the facts from the hype around hydrogen, says Dr Jacob Klimstra, who offers an optimum use of renewables… and explains where hydrogen fits in.

Internal combustion engines go for hydrogen readiness

There are engines already being successfully powered by hydrogen today, but when will engines generally be ready for hydrogen?

Geothermal potential – Why hot rocks are cool

As we need more and more reliable clean energy, Dr Ryan Law says we must not ignore the untapped geothermal potential beneath our feet.

Building an Australia-Singapore power link

What are the subsea cable challenges for an Asia-Pacific HVDC interconnector? Jeremy Gordonnat and James Hunt explain.
Minigrid project Maryland SEPA

Housing project delivers template for microgrid success

A housing project in Maryland in the US is demonstrating how utilities can engage with their customers to get the maximum value from microgrid projects.