2021 – Issue 2

Power Engineering International issue 2 2021

Power Engineering International Issue 2 2021

If the future of energy is decarbonised and largely electrified, where does that leave gas? That's the focus of Power Engineering International issue 2 2021

Shipshape power

Pamela Largue talks to Karpowership managing director Zeynep Harezi to unpack the concept of a floating power plant.

What next for natural gas?

Pritil Gunjan examines the challenges and opportunities involved in the electrification and decarbonisation of natural gas.

Future-proofing gas power

Dina Darshini discusses how gas-based technology developers are embracing the potential of hydrogen.

A fine balancing act

Leonardo Botti suggests how to ensure solar success in emerging markets.

Why compromised filters mean compromised gas turbines

Advanced technology gas turbines have reached >60% net efficiency – but how do you keep them at this level? By Tim Nicholas

Turning coal plants into storage assets

How E2S Power is giving otherwise stranded assets a second life in the renewable energy future. By Carlos Härtel.

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