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2021 – Issue 1

Power Engineering International Issue 5 2020

Power Engineering International Issue 1 2021

What's the next big thing in energy? Tricky question, isn't it? Too many variables. So let's narrow the scope.
Utilities must carry the flame of the climate torch says Wärtsilä Energy president Sushil Purohit.

Carrying the climate torch

The US President has lit the spark on a net zero energy system – utilities must now carry the flame says Wärtsilä Energy president Sushil Purohit.

Don’t protect the past, believe in the future

Karim Amin, executive vice-president of generation of Siemens Energy talks exclusively to Kelvin Ross about the energy transition.
Redefining perovskite

Redefining perovskite

Laura Schelhas explains why perovskites are causing a buzz in solar.

Reactors worth their salt

Why molten salt reactors could offer a revolution in clean energy, by Ondrej Chvala of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee.

JEDI – a force to be reckoned with

How JEDI is pushing the boundaries of innovation in Europe and what impact that could have on the burgeoning hydrogen market around the world.
solar thermal

Tower power

The DLR operates the Institute for Solar Research, which researches and develops concentrating solar power (CSP) for solar thermal power plants that convert the sun's rays into electricity, heat and fuel.