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2020 – PEI Issue 5

Power Engineering International Issue 5 2020

Power Engineering International issue 5 - 2020 is focusing on Europe's coal conundrum and the latest nuclear developments into advanced modular reactors.

How will Europe tackle its coal conundrum?

The biggest â€Ëœjust' energy transition in Europe is the one that involves those countries still reliant on coal, which accounts for a fifth of the electricity production in the EU and employs 230,000 people.

Exclusive: Green for ‘go’ on hydrogen turbines

How a research project is paving the way for hydrogen-based energy systems. By Aasa Lyckstroem.

Hydrogen: Five potential game-changers to watch

With hydrogen one of the hottest topics in the energy sector, here's five projects we believe could be real game-changers.

The burning issue of wind turbine fires

Why the wind industry cannot afford the financial and reputational damage that even a single turbine fire can bring. By Angela Krcmar.

Fuelling nuclear innovation in the UK

Advanced modular reactors can play a key role in Britain's future energy mix argues Steve Threlfall.

Floating windpower: Europe’s buoyant future

How a perfect storm of converging new technologies plus policy and economic incentives could unleash the full potential of floating wind. By Benjamin Cerfontaine and Susan Gourvenec.