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2018 PEI Issue 6

Don’t let your business go up in smoke

Full disclosure up front is a necessary step toward mitigating or eliminating explosion risks in power plants that handle hazardous materials

Earthquake – proof battery backup

A set of batteries have replaced the original time-served set at the Megalopolis B power station in Greece. George Charalampous explains how the backup battery system will withstand severe earthquakes and operate reliably in the heat of the Grecian summer.

Why plus points stack up for district cooling

Around the globe there is active investment, acquisition and expansion in district energy, especially cooling as a means to support economic and environmental objectives.

Blockchain: from disruption to new business models

Three blockchain experts from Pöyry explore the potential for blockchain in the energy industry and examine how the blockchain vision translates into the world of energy, utilities and renewables

Avoiding infrastructure costs with demand side response

Diarmaid Williams speaks with Alex Howard, Origami Energy's head of strategy and solutions, about using demand side response to avoid heavy energy infrastructure costs in the UK

Building the next generation of energy-from-waste facilities

Paul Gouland, marketing director at Clugston Construction, explores the challenges involved in delivering the next generation of large-scale energy-from-waste projects

Building an EV-ready energy market

There is no magic bullet for adapting an energy network for electric vehicles. That's why it's essential for governments and regulators to work hand-in-hand with the energy industry and to embrace innovation and creativity to develop the required solutions

Bringing Beatrice online

Laure Tavernier outlines some of the challenges in creating the power export cable connection for the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm and the role it will play in future developments in the renewable energy industry

New horizons for renewables in Morocco and Africa

The country's ambitious renewables flagship – with an emphasis on solar and wind – is a blueprint for other African countries, writes Dr Hassan Nfaoui

Better asbestos management in coal plant decommissioning

There are clearly significant challenges around the decommissioning of coal plants and those involved need to consider the role of effective asbestos management and follow best practice as part of a wider strategic approach