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2018 PEI Issue 5

Paving the way towards more effective microgrids

Schneider Electric's Mark Feasel discusses asset performance management technology and the challenges of developing more intelligent grids and microgrids.

Smart technology, smart society

The impact of big data and smart tech has reached beyond energy systems to our transport links and is predicted to continue to grow, in turn solving the wider societal issues of our future cities

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter

Michael Phelan talks about the importance of energy resilience behind the meter, what resilience looks like to I&C energy consumers, and how storage, predictive maintenance and onsite assets play their parts.

Joining the convergence dots

Emerging energy and greentech markets lawyer Peter Feehan talks big data, electric vehicles and smart grids

Getting a grip on the grid

The Renewables Grid Initiative, a collaboration between the EU's major transmission system operators, environmental NGOs and trade body WindEurope, is calling for more strategic investments in grid rollouts in order to meet Europe's target of integrating 35 per cent renewable power onto the grid by 2030.

Is the missing link in utilities innovation a human one?

True innovation will require utilities to take greater strides toward diversity, writes Benoit Laclau

The year of IoT everywhere

The rapid growth in the Internet of Things is forcing traditional utilities and industry providers to adapt or be outmanoeuvred by strong new entrants. PEi spoke to PwC's director of Digital Transformation, Richard Hepworth, about how the technology is impacting the power sector.

Ready, willing and cable

The latest developments in high voltage cable technology could deliver power more efficiently to help the UK government meet its carbon reduction targets, says Doug Gracias

Finding perfect partners

How are Capacity Market projects managed, what are the important distinctions between OEMs and EPCs, and why could the appointment of a specialist project management partner be crucial?