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2018 PEI Issue 4

Dr Sven-Hendrik Wiers, MAN Diesel & Turbo

Dr Sven-Hendrik Wiers of MAN Diesel & Turbo discusses gas turbines for combined heat and power applications in China

Design and validation are keys to success

Carlos Koeneke of MHPS ascribes the firm's success in gas turbine reliability, availability and maintainability to four key factors

A step in the right direction

The new ISO 16890 standard allows gas turbine operators to get a clear picture of how a turbine will perform in often harsh environments

A back-to-basics plan for today’s challenges

GE Power Services CEO Scott Strazik speaks with Diarmaid Williams about the future for GE's gas turbines in terms of both technology development and global distribution.

Minimizing running costs for pumps

Alex Myers of Sulzer looks at the latest technology for improving efficiency and reducing operating costs in gas turbine power plants.

‘Efficiency is power’

â€ËœEfficiency is power' is the mantra at newly-rebranded MTU Power. Gregor Stöcker talks about the company's new direction and offers maintenance tips for aero-derivative gas turbines

‘China is at the dawn of a major boom in gas distributed energy’

GE Power celebrates gas turbine success stories in China, Japan and Malaysia

Turbine upgrade pays off

How an upgrade to a gas turbine fleet has added 5000 MW to Iran's power capacity

Designing gas turbines for Chinese CHP

MAN Diesel & Turbo discusses their MGT6000 gas turbine product range and its use in Chinese combined heat and power applications

A race for efficiency

Karim Amin of Siemens highlights how developments in digitalization, storage and additive manufacturing are playing a role in the company's latest gas turbines. Diarmaid Williams reports