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2018 PEI Issue 3

Disruptors in the Middle East energy sector

Electric vehicles, blockchain and smart cities were just some of the hot topics debated at this year's World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Protecting Europe’s grids

A cybersecurity training workshop for employees of Europe's transmission system operators shows how far we have to go to be prepared.

Balance of power

New European legislation meanS there are several key factors to take into account when choosing between electric motors and diesel engines for onsite compressed air

Unorthodox problem, traditional solution

How tried-and-tested repair materials were used to fix a problem with the cooling water system of a nuclear power plant

CFB technology in a low carbon world

How does CFB boiler technology sit in an energy world that is looking for renewable and low carbon solutions?

Avoiding mega-problems with mega-projects

The purpose of contracts - and the consequences of poorly-designed contracts - are rarely explained clearly, let alone understood. Contracts focus too much on who to blame and too little on how to get the job done. This article explains what needs to be done.

Green gas for the grid

g3 is a new alternative for the electric transmission industry that offers the same technical performance as SF6 with an environmental impact reduced by 99 per cent.

LNG to power: a solution not a product

A ground-breaking initiative marks the first time that Wartsila has brought together its renowned marine business and its equally well-established power division

News Update

Update on projects including solar, storage, windpower, gas engines, electric vehicles, drones and more.

Deregulation vs innovation?

Does electricity market deregulation encourage or hamper innovation in the energy sector, and why? Researchers at France's EDHEC Business School believe they have an answer