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2018 PEI Issue 2

The cybersecurity laws you must know

New cybersecurity legislation is coming soon and those who work in the energy sector must be up to speed.

The impact of lubrication on TCO

Lubricants can help increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership for turbines, transformers and stationary engines

Putting a price on drone savings

The significant savings that can be made by utilizing drone technology for inspections have been highlighted at a major energy conference

Making sense of flying data

Switzerland-headquartered senseFly was formed in 2009 and operates its drone services in Europe, North America and Australia. PEi spoke to Benjamin Pinguet, the company's Inspection Product Manager.

Electric actuators in biomass power plants

With the Paris Agreement signed by 174 countries, there is a growing focus on renewable energy, including biomass. Gerda Nölp looks at the potentials and challenges for electric actuators in biomass-fired power plants

Experienced pilots still essential despite autonomous trend

2018 is expected to herald the greater emergence of more autonomous drone technology, but Sky Revolutions Director Ben Gorham says, despite the trend, the presence of an experienced pilot remains essential.

The autonomous future

When considering the benefits of drones for the energy sector, they must be viewed in conjunction with a broad spectrum of emerging and disruptive technologies, says Thierry Mortier of EY.

Taking technology beyond the line of sight

Sharper Shape highlights its efforts to take its technology â€Ëœbeyond the line of sight' and also explains why the Trump administration augurs well for the drone sector

The eye in the sky delivering ‘golden’ data

UK drones leader for global consultancy Elaine Whyte explains how drones can overcome many of the inspection and maintenance challenges faced by power and utility companies

From hardware supplier to software solution

Danish company Scopito has gone from a drone hardware developer and inspection operator to a purely software solution provider. Diarmaid Williams finds out how it made this transition.