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2018 PEI Issue 1

The past, present and future of big data in energy management

George Nizharadze reviews the risks and benefits of having access to accurate, real-time data to enable effective and efficient management of our energy grids

Powering a peer-to-peer ecosystem

Blockchain has transformed the finance world, providing a decentralized platform to connect parties in new ways. Now it's set to be the gamechanger in energy, enabling the transactive energy landscape to become reality, says Frank Gielen

How utilities can prepare the next generation smart grid

As the convergence of physical and cyber threats continues to grow, companies in the energy sector need to work together to strengthen resilience and bolster response for the next generation smart grid, writes Scott Foster

Why the customer is King in any utility strategy

Having guided many utilities through customer transformations, Juliet Shavit tells Kelvin Ross where companies went wrong in the past and what they should do for the future

What impact will EVs have?

Matt Brown examines some of the major uncertainties that exist around electric vehicles: when and where will people charge their cars? What behaviour will we see? And ultimately, what impact may EVs have on the generation and distribution of electricity?

Three challenges for utilities in 2018

The successful utility companies of the future will be those which have replaced legacy systems with more nimble, flexible applications, writes Martin Dunlea

How power companies can reap IoT rewards

Unlocking value from the Internet of Things requires more than blind investments in technology. Phil Beecher explains why those organisations most likely to pull ahead of their competitors will be the ones that focus on security, performance and standards

Closing chinks in the armour for critical apps

Energy infrastructure is no longer protected in the way it once was simply because it links more closely to the internet. The power sector must also understand that the only way to protect itself against the very real and very dangerous threat of cyberattacks is by keeping a proactive security posture, writes Paul Darby

Six big challenges for the power industry

The digital transformation of energy will step up a gear in 2018, with advances in the Internet of Things and big data providing utilities with the chance to reinvent themselves, writes J. Patrick Kennedy