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2017 PEI Issue 11

Delivering speedy coal plant emission reductions

Electrostatic precipitators are the most important pollution control devices to remove suspended particulates from the flue gas in coal plants, write Thompson Tsai and Ken Parker

The need for speed and flexibility

A new engine series from MAN Diesel & Turbo aims to smash the previous peak performance for its four stroke power plants. Initially focused on remote and island locations without access to gas supplies, the technology offers 50 per cent efficiency and no de-rating even under extreme conditions, writes Alexander James

The challenges driving microgrids into the mainstream

Microgrids are on the way – and their wide-ranging benefits are becoming more compelling. John Murray looks at the challenges so far and the factors that are set to drive mainstream deployment

The hot topic of heating

Current policy and regulatory frameworks are ill-equipped to manage the exchange of electricity between the grid, mobility requirements and the provision of heat, says Sam Mackilligin. But he has a solution

Choosing the right bearing seal to optimize performance

Dr Chris Carmody looks at how bearing protection technology has advanced and how operators can take advantage of it to deliver improved productivity in their plants

Emergency power in action

APR Energy is playing a key role in helping hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico back to its feet. Executive chairman John Campion tells Diarmaid Williams about the company's involvement in deploying temporary power to areas hit by natural disasters and energy shortages

An old tool rediscovered to address new grid challenges

Synchronous condenser technology is enjoying a rebirth because, as more renewables are integrated to grids, it is one of the most effective means to maintain grid quality and fault support, writes Csaba Szabo

Coal power goes digital

Andreas Lusch, president and CEO of GE Steam Power Systems, discusses the company's newest offering that uses digital technology in combination with hardware improvements to harness the power of big data for efficiency gains in coal-fired power plants

CFB in Turkey: The right timing for the right technology

Circulating fluidized bed combustion technology offers a way to reliably and cleanly convert Turkey's low quality lignite into power, argue Bob Giglio and Boguslaw Krzton